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Cold Mirrors / Cold Mirrors

Curves & Generall Parameters
  • Curves
  • Generall Parameters
Material: Float Glass, BK7
Sizes: 50 x 50mm, Ø25mm and custom sizes
Surface Quality: Both surfaces 80-50
Thickness: 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 1.00mm

Stock program

ATTENTION! Other sizes and edge locations are, due to our flexible stock program available at short notice mostly without an price increase.

Size [mm] Angle of incidence [°] Order No.
Ø25mm 0 bk-HT-00-B
Ø25mm 45 bk-HT-45-B
50x50mm 0 bk-HT-00-C
50x50mm 4 bk-HT-45-C